How to live as a free person, in one American's opinion.

by Connie Zimmermann

(to be translated into: Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Chinese, North Korean, Russian and others)

Freedom is hard, and freedom is expensive, but it is absolutely worth it.

Your participation in freedom is critical. Without YOU, it won't work.

Step One: VERY IMPORTANT - Realize that the "news" media is a money business, and that they may say whatever sells newspapers or air time, or they may tell the absolute truth. Integrity in journalism is long gone, and may actually have never existed. You have to be the judge. If you stay well informed about a subject, it will be easier for you to judge. In addition to money, I have come to realize that a majority of the people in media, are Communists and Socialists. An overwhelming majority. This is very sad, and makes no logical sense, but it is true. So I reiterate... If you stay well informed about a subject, it will be easier for you to judge.

Step Two: Open Mind - look at things from several different angles. Don't believe everything you hear. Get an education - get the best most complete education you can, but beware of Progressive/Marxist college professors. The only way you can make intelligent judgements about anything, is if you are fully educated about that issue.

Step Three: Do things because they are the "right thing to do". Don't do good things only because someone tells you too. If you feel that something is the "right thing to do" then do it. This mainly involves helping other people, or getting involved in a situation to help.

Step Four: Trust YOUR instincts (this will get easier, as you open your mind more and get more educated about current events.)

Step Five: CRITICALLY IMPORTANT - In our democracy, religion is personal, not political. Believe it or not, in the world there are hundreds and hundreds of different spiritual and religious beliefs. You will meet people in your life who are total opposites of what you believe in your religion, and yet they will be wonderful and very good people, that you will love. Accept that.

Step Six: Don't blindly hate. Make sure you have personally researched the person or people you are hating. And NEVER hate just because someone tells you too.

Step Seven: Children - love them and nurture them and respect them and give them the best life and education as possible, because they are your future.

Step Eight: Freedom means that you have Choices. But the way you get the choices is to get a good education and open your mind to the different options that are available. Make Decisions. You can make your own decisions about how you will live your life. If you choose to follow the rules, your life will be fairly smooth and pleasant. If you choose to break the rules, you are also choosing to accept the consequences. If you find rules that you do not agree with, then you use your FREEDOM of SPEECH to tell your neighbors and government officials how you feel. Write letters, start an organization, etc.

Step Nine: Question authority - don't blindly follow what the government or police or teachers tell you. Use your best judgment. Listen to everyone, but believe only what makes sense to you.

Step Ten: Argue and debate the issues. It's the best way to develop your personal opinion. It is best to hear many sides of an issue before making a decision about how YOU feel about it.

Step Eleven: Get to know your neighbor. Are they happy? Are they in pain? This way you will not only be enriched from getting to know someone else, but you will also know when problems are brewing.

Step Twelve: Welcome diversity. Whether you feel good about it or not, the world is getting smaller and smaller every day, and people are intermarrying, and our cultures are getting mixed. Welcome the change, because resisting the change is worthless, and will only cause you grief. Think about it. As long as there is love between two people, not matter how strong the culture is... they will mate.

Step Thirteen: Have fun. Life must involve some fun. Work is important, dealing with sadness and tragedy are unavoidable, but fun is very important.

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